Monday, June 23, 2008

The coolest guy ever

So lately I've been writing mostly about my professional life on this blog, but this video is a bit more personal. (For those of you who scoff at the notion of combining the professional and personal, please skip this post.)

My roommate this summer, John Zambenini (a.k.a The Coolest Guy Ever), writes about criminals and delinquents by day, but by night, he joins them as evidenced by this ridiculous video.

Fortunately, he understands the legal process fairly well and can talk his way out of tight spots when caught doing something semi-dangerous, semi-childish, uber-entertaining -- like shooting flaming arrows by the river. He's a real champ.


Pam Z said...

Hey, John's mom here. Nice to meet you! Hope you can stay out of trouble if you're hangin' with my son! Pam Z.

vicnic72 said...

To John Z...
OK...this is your Auntie V and I'm wondering just how similar we are after all.
A recent experience in our old neighborhood had us and our good friends, the Myer family, shooting off fireworks purchased in a roadside store on our way back from FL.
Needless to say, the thrifty folks here decided not to waste any of that multi-firework pack, even the really BIG, TALL ones, (despite us living in a residential area).
Then our neighbor (former) came out and gave us dirty looks....and we realized the Columbus PD might not be so understanding. So, we doused the rest of them and watched Red, White and Boom on TV!
Be safe, dear one, and you (and all those near and close to you) are in our prayers!